Rated Awesome

an Online Gaming Community


Rated Awesome is a gaming community I started after first being introduced to the popular online video game: Team Fortress 2 (TF2). Team Fortress 2, with a massive player base and multimillion dollar microtransaction market, ran hundreds of servers spanning a variety of game modes hosted both by the official TF2 Team and several community members.

Community hosted servers, unlike official TF2 ones, were considered to enhance the base experience of the game by allowing custom modifications that would completely change the core functionality of TF2. Modfications often included tools for server administrators and custom content not officially licensed by Valve.

The Community

Rated Awesome (RA) started as a personal side project to create a community that combined the inspiration from several popular TF2 communities at the time. Initially meant to be tightknit for a few Steam friends and I, RA began operation in March of 2012 hosting a single 16 player game server, but quickly grew. By 2013, Rated Awesome had grown to accomodate 3 servers hosting 32 players each.

By 2014, RA had reached its peak; growing to 5 dedicated game servers along the East Coast with an active base of 200+ players. We maintained 1500 unique vistors a month, a dedicated forum system, and about 10 on staff community members monitoring our services.

Unfortunatly, due to the amount of personal workload and decline in community support from Valve, Rated Awesome unofficially ceased operations in June of 2015. We reopened in March of 2017.


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Any open source software distrubuted by Rated Awesome is under the MIT License.