DataVis at EDGI

Creating Data Visualizations at EDGI.


As part of Google Summer of Code 2017, I started working with the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative (EDGI) in their effort to addressing threats to policy, research, and resources posed by the Trump administration.

Over the summer, I became a part of a team developing tools and resources to help preserve environmental data. My specific ongoing project involves data visualizations. You can read more about the work I did over the summer here.

Data Visualizations

EDGI and its affiliates work together to ensure the continued survival of environmental data by archiving it. The data being archived, while vital for preservation, is often overwhelming and confusing in the hands of the average individual. When your data points range from ten to hundreds of thousands, it’s hard for any one person to fully understand the scope of the project. Using D3, I create interactive graphs and models that help users understand the general overview of the data.

Here are the models I am working on:


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