Hi, I'm Harsh Baid.

Welcome to my corner of the internet!

About Me

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  • I'm a Junior at the University of Maryland - College Park studying Computer Science (w/ a Math Minor).
  • I started programming my freshmen year of high school and have continued it since.
  • You can find me online, whether I post a project or join a forum, using my alias, Blackglade.
  • I usually post work I'm proud of on my portfolio and occasionally try to update my blog.
  • Aside from my engineering-related hobbies, I love playing the ukulele, chess, reading, and sleeping.

Favorite Reads


  • Languages - SQL, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Bash, C, Python, Java, PHP, C#, Powershell, Ruby
  • Systems/Frameworks - Laravel, NGINX/Apache, NodeJS, Linux, Docker, Wordpress
  • Hardware/Software - Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Adobe (After Effects, Photoshop), LaTeX, GIT
  • Misc - UI/UX Design, MVC, Data Structures, Locksmithing, Memes

Hackathon Record

I Video Games

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